Bleu (bleu_ice2002) wrote in kuwabara_love,

Musings of a Fox UPDATE 06/28/09

Another page complete. I'm working on this doujinshi slow but steady, which is a good thing. :P

Page 1

Thank you for all the positive comments, guys! They're really motivating me. Stay tuned for more updates.

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HAHA oh man I just love how awkward, flaily, and blushy that Kurama is XD it's not very often we get to see him like that! Darkest before the dawn, eh? XD Batman? So you are drawing this Doujin yourself? ^___^ so cool!

Very very VERY CUTE OMG thank you for doing this! It's so hard to find any good Kuwabara/Kurama! <3
Was that quote in Batman or something? Cuz I had no idea. Because that quote's really cliche.

I'm glad you like my work! And yes, I am doing this on my own (there's no better way). :D This doujin's pretty much fanservice.
Sorry for the late reply XD but yes 'It's always darkest before the dawn' was one of the 'catchphrases' from The Dark Night LOL but you're right, it HAS been used as a cliche phrase forever now that I think about it! I'd just heard it used in reference to The Dark Knight so many times that I began associating it with that. Alot of people made parody trailers on YouTube and the most prominent trailer has that saying in it :)
This. Is. Awesome.

Loving the grayscale. Oh, and you draw very much like Togashi himself.