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Just here, reasserting meh Kuwabara love.
Have some videos I found! XD XD XD (I didn't make them but you know. Technicality.)

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Oh wow, the first video is amazing. I love the art style that's used!
Yeah. It's from an OVA only available in Japan. Is awesome. ^__^
Good videos! The Kuwabara OVA opening always makes me sad, though. It just gives me this vibe that he's all alone his friends and Yukina have left him...and that makes me really upset :-(.
I know. ): I like to pretend that in the OVA opening, he is just taking a walk and everyone is waiting for him at home to start bad movie night. XD
I love Kuwabara's song. I don't see why people say he can't sing. Plus, if you listen to the lyrics to that song.. It's SO sad. ._. I looked them up. He's hurting. Badly.
Also, that video turned out to be better than the others! I can tell that the animators wanted to make it up to Kuwa for making him the blunt of every joke.. *sighs* Poor Kuwa.
Wow, I love all of these videos. They're great and Kuwabara is awesome.