Bleu (bleu_ice2002) wrote in kuwabara_love,

Hey everyone! I've been browsing around lj looking for yyh stuff and I came across kuramaxkuwabara. It's pretty odd that I became interested in yyh again (I haven't been a fan since 2001) and even more weird that I'm suddenly in love with this pairing.

To be honest, my all-time fav character in this series has always been Kuwabara (but i've known him as 'Alfred' since I watched the filipino-dubbed version :P). Kurama was one of the characters I despised, next to Hiei, because at the time I didn't like guys who had long hair and looked like girls XD.

LOL. The dreaded letter...

A quick watercolor wash. Hiei's so short I had to cut him off the picture.

I like the sketch so much I decided to ink and color it. I love how this turned out because Kuwabara looks good and he's always been hard to draw. My old drawings of him looked so horrible XD.

I'm in the process of making a kuwabara/kurama doujinshi since I-can't-find-a-single-one.

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