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Several Lightweight Fanfics for your amusement

Several Kuwa fics. Kuwabara collection includes an unorthodox, but (IMO) very-well executed pairing, Tiemiosho's crappy poetry, and her trademark fluffy stuff. FYI: Not responsible for brainwashing or puking angst-geeks due to cotton-candy fluff.

The Morning After
IANS: Kuwabara loved Keiko enough to be there for her; he loved Yukina enough to keep his distance. Meanwhile, Yusuke has to face the mistakes that shattered his friendships and family.
Rated: K+ For some language from Yusuke and his angry teenage daughter
Genre: I wouldn't say 'angst,' since my HieixMukuro fic proved I can't write angst without making a sick joke out of it. I'll say 'poignant.'
Chapters: 5

IANS: A short little poem about how Kuwabara thinks Yukina is the world's most beautiful woman. Extreme fluff.
Rated: K
Genre: Romance/Poetry. Both of which I'm not experienced with.

Secret Longing
IANS: Take heed, very cutesy ooey-gooey. Even embarrassingly cheesy. Yukina wants to come to grips with how she feels about Kuwabara. Bring in matchmaker Botan, and a sack full of video games.
Rated: Very K
Genre: (Take a wild guess) Romance
Chapters: 2

I know, no yaoi, no lemon. And I claim to like the stuff. True, I adore it, I'm just chicken to write that.

== Peace, love, and rock n' roll, Tiemiosho
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