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Kurama/Kazuma Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho]Whooo! Theme #7 Milk
Title: Manly
Fandom:Yu Yu hakuhso
Pairing:implied Kuwabara/Kurama, but only if you shove Kurama into Kuwabara's lap.
Rating: G
Warnings: Eh. It's a pointless drabble...about milk!
Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho. If I did, it would be a boy love fest all the way...^__^

Kuwabara, for the whole of his life, knew one thing and one thing only.
Kuwabara...was a man!
And, as a man, he has to keep his manly physique. So, with every meal, three times a day, every day, Kuwabara drinks a glass a milk. Sure, he has other drinks. Tea, soda, OJ, you name it. But he always has to have milk.
This is an odd trait Kurama first noticed when they all went out to lunch after they had defeated the four Saint Beasts. (With Yusuke buying.)
"What would you like to drink, fellas?" The waitress asks kindly.
"Coke." Yusuke replies.
"Hn. Water." He grudingly answers. It wasn't as if he even wanted to come.
"Iced tea please." Kurama requests.
"Uh...yeah...a glass of milk please." Kuwabara grins. Yusuke stares incredously at him as the waitress leaves;
"Milk?" he repeats. "You want milk? What are you, three?" Kuwabara twitches and branishes his fist, causing the waitress to yelp. After apologizing and reassuring her he wouldn't hit her, he glares at Yusuke.
"For your information, Urameshi, milk is the drink of manly men!" 
"It's true! How do you think I got these awesome muscles!" Kuwabara flexes his biceps, wiggling his eyebrows up and down. "Eh? Eh?"
"..." The waitress returns with their drinks, just staring at them.
"'Side's, milk's healthy for ya! Isn't that right, Kurama?" Kurama's sweatdrops.
"Eh..sure...whatever you say, Kuwabara." Kuwabara grins triumphly. 
"No." Yusuke replies and grins. "Whatever, Kuwabara. Drink up, okay?" 
"I will! Waitress! May I have another glass of milk?" She blinks.
"What for? You haven't even touched your first glass." Kuwabara claps a hand on Kurama's shoulder.
"For my buddy right here! He needs more protien! He's a scrawny little thing, ain't he? Bwaahahaaa!" 
"Kuwabara-" Kurama begins. Hiei scoffs and sips his water. Kuwabara looks at Hiei.
"You could use some milk too, shrimp. Don't you want to be big and stong and tall? Ahahaaha!" 
"I'll kill you for that." The waitress sweatdrops as she sets the second glass down.
"Drink up guys." She laughs nervously. Kuwabara grins.
"Jeez Kuwabara, are you getting paid to deal milk out?" Yusuke shoots at him.
"Hey! Your sarcasm isn't appriecated, Urameshi! I'm just looking out for Kurama! He needs to grow some muscle!"
"Muscle isn't the only thing to win battles you fool." Hiei sips his water. Yusuke tilts his head.
"Hey, you can talk while drinking water?"
"No." Kuwabara grins at Kurama.
"Drink up buddy!" Kurama laughs nervously and gulps it down. "Atta boy Kurama! Isn't it great?" Kurama sets the glass down.
"I don't even like milk." Kuwabara falls over.


There you go. ^__^ I also posted this to kuwabaraXkurama, 7snogs and my writing LJ, the rainbow riot.

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