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Fanart! ^^

*Waves!* Hello! My actual first post while being here! Wooow!
I finally started drawing again...
Forgive my suckiness, though. My style of Kuwa is weird! =P

Here's some art I drew.
Did it with only pen, too, which  means any mistake I make on paper I cannot go back over it.
The one with Yuusuke and Kuwabara that looks half done, ehhh. I messed up on it. >>; Oi.
I like drawing Kuwa with his hair down...and having it a bit longer, so it seems. *snort*
Warning: 2 Yaoi pics
Pairings: Yuusuke/Kuwabara (Kuwabara/Yuusuke), and one that can be considered Yuusuke/Keiko...though there is yaoi hints. It's how you look at it, really.


Protective much?

Yusuke is obviously pissed off about something... *points to the pic above* Prolly evil fan girls. xD J/K ...Or am I? o_o
Kuwa's eyes are wide, they are not that big by default. He's like "O__O...HUH?!" ...Or something like that...
xD You can make out what's going on, if you wish to.

That man is obsessed! I swear! o_o He is! Awww. How creepily adorable! xP

And finally... A headshot of Kuwabara:


More to come! ...Hopefully.

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